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Heavy Vehicle Effects on Florida Freeways and Highways

Contracting Agency: Florida Department of Transportation
Principal Investigator: Dr. Scott Washburn
FDOT’s primary source to conduct highway capacity and level of service analyses from planning through design is the Transportation Research Board’s Highway Capacity Manual (HCM).  FDOT’s FREEPLAN and HIGHPLAN software programs utilize truck passenger car equivalency (PCE) values from the HCM to account for the effects of trucks on traffic flow operations.  The PCE values in the HCM used for freeways and multilane highways are based on a study performed in the mid-1990’s[1].  Since that time, commercial truck performance technologies have changed.  Furthermore, loading conditions may be considerably different today given the tremendous growth in freight movement.  Additionally, the PCE values developed in that study were based strictly on simulation and a now outdated version of CORSIM (5.0).  And finally, the PCE values taken from that study for inclusion in the HCM correspond to just a single “typical” truck (although the study considered multiple categories of trucks), which may not be representative of a typical truck in Florida, and accounting for just a single truck type may lead to considerable error in level of service results in some situations.  The objective of this project is to develop truck PCE values appropriate for commercial truck conditions on Florida freeways and multilane highways

[1] Webster, N., and L. Elefteriadou. A Simulation Study of Truck Passenger Car Equivalents (PCE) on Basic Freeway Segments. Transportation Research, Vol. 33B, No. 5, 1999, pp. 323–336.


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