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FDOT Central Data Warehouse Enhancements, Part 2

Contracting Agency: Florida Department of Transportation
Principal Investigator: Dr. Scott Washburn

The traffic management centers (TMC’s) in the metropolitan areas of Florida are operated by SunGuide, a combination of both software and hardware developed for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The SunGuide system creates a daily text file containing the basic data produced by each of its sensors at a specific time interval.  In one of the FDOT-sponsored projects (BD545-37, “Development of a Central Data Warehouse for Statewide ITS and Transportation Data Phase II: Proof of Concept”), the Statewide Transportation Engineering Warehouse for Archived Regional Data (STEWARD) was developed, which processes the raw data obtained from the TMC’s, organizes the processed data in an Oracle database system, creates a number of useful traffic information and traffic data diagnostic (based on traffic flow principles) reports, and provides web interface for data users to access and retrieve the traffic data and reports.

While the hardware and software implementation of STEWARD was generally sufficient for a prototype application, it became clear that the prototype configuration imposed too many limitations on the system for it to be completely useful in a production mode.  Some of the issues included: the storage capacity of the system reaching its limit due to the increasing amount of data being supplied by the FDOT TMC’s; the data processing and uploading of the data to the STEWARD database taking a very long time, requiring the web-server to be taken off-line for unacceptable lengths of time; and a considerable lag between the current date and the date of the most recently available data on the STEWARD system.

Thus, the FDOT funded the “FDOT Central Data Warehouse Enhancements” project (BDK-75-934-05) to make software enhancements to the system to improve STEWARD’s performance and usefulness, among other tasks.  At the same time, the University of Florida’s Center for Multimodal Solutions for Congestion Mitigation (CMS) upgraded all of the hardware for STEWARD, which resulted in the realization of significant performance gains for the system. 

The objective of this project is to expand the number of data sources available on STEWARD, implement improved usability features, and continue the maintenance activities as needed. 


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