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NCHRP 3-92 Production of the Highway Capacity Manual 2010

Contracting Agency: Kittelson and Associates, Inc./ National Cooperative Highway Research Program
Principal Investigator: Kenneth Courage, Professor Emeritus

The current Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) has been a great success with over 16,000 copies distributed since 2000. The HCM has become the model for similar capacity manuals in many other countries. However, since its publication, great strides have been made in microscopic traffic simulation, operations analysis, and the management and control of traffic facilities. In addition, better tools are needed for evaluating context-sensitive solutions, travel-time reliability, and over-capacity conditions so that cost-effective capital and operations decisions can be made.These tools must also include non-motorized and transit modes. Recognizing the continuing need to update the current Year 2000 HCM, NCHRP has funded 8 projects for $4.5 million over the last 6 years:NCHRP Project 03-60, "Capacity and Quality of Service of Interchange Ramp Terminals"; NCHRP Project 03-64, "Highway Capacity Manual Applications Guide"; NCHRP Project 03-65, "Applying Roundabouts in the United States"; NCHRP Project 03-70, "Multimodal Level of Service Analysis for Urban Streets"; NCHRP Project 03-75, "Analysis of Freeway Weaving Sections"; NCHRP Project 03-79, "Measuring and Predicting the Performance of Automobile Traffic on Urban Streets"; NCHRP Project 03-82, "Default Values for Capacity and Quality of Service Analyses"; and NCHRP Project 03-85, "Guidance for the Use of Alternative Traffic Analysis Tools in Highway Capacity Analyses".In addition, the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) is developing new tools that could be beneficially included in the HCM, particularly in projects L03, "Analytic Procedures for Determining the Impacts of Reliability Improvement Strategies, and L07, "Evaluation of Costs and Effectiveness of Highway Design Features to Improve Travel Time Reliability".An overall HCM production research project is needed to pull this information together and update the HCM so that it continues to be a consistent and coherent guide to the latest accepted capacity and operations analysis practice for the United States. The objective of this research is to develop an up-to-date HCM that is directly relevant to the facility planning and design needs of engineers and planners in 2010. The manual will provide a comprehensive set of methodologies for quantifying congestion and overall facility performance and an integrated systems analysis approach for sizing facilities and for determining geometric design parameters. The approach will be applicable to automobile, truck, bus, bicycle, and pedestrian travel on a highway, street facility, sidewalk, or shared-use path in the public street or highway right-of-way.


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